Black is Back

I have satin black and black, picture to come but I like the satin colors better and they are more consistant in quality.
Satin is the result of having the body sand blasted first which also helps to make body harder from peen affect.
Then the hard anodize, just another reason there is no better modification possible than the Paradox Pulse!
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New colors of 

Current hard anodized colors available left to right are; clear, satin clear, green, satin green, red, satin red, blue, satin blue,gold, satin gold, black, satin black! There is only 1 black available.

The pictures I took are not that great, so go to the store and click on main picture to see better the colors.
The upgrade umbilical for Phono 70
Now the upgrade umbilical is standard as the performance suffers noticeably with out it.
I did not expect the amount of sonic damage done by the stock umbilical that comes with the power supplies, so I am throwing them away.
Any one who has purchased a phono 70 will be given a 5' umbilical upgrade free.
Sorry I only use the upgrade cable for listening and testing so once I listened to the stock one as the reviewer did I then understood his review complaints. Still a great review!
Phono 70 review from Audiophilia. click below for review
Pulse power cord SALE!
Pulse four foot power cord only $500-. Longer or shorter only (+/-) $100 per foot.
Click on pictures for full size.
Pulse XLR 3' pair SALE!
For those of you that support balanced (all source material starts simgle ended) here is the best sounding one on the planet.
3 foot pair $1200- (+/-) $300- per foot.
Pulse cable and amplifier products
Pulse RCA and speaker wire SALE!
Just contact Paradox if you would like to purchase any Pulse cable products, Phono 70, Pulse Guard R SMR cartridge or mono amplifiers.
Due to the small inventory I carry specific products or colors could be gone at time order is placed. Orders will be filled in the order they were placed. 30 day money back guarantee on all but cartridges. 
All Pulse RED cables use exclusive and proprietary wire not found any where else in the industry!
8 foot pair of Pulse double speaker wire is 8ga of bliss and only $3k (+/-) $300 per foot. Only Pulse speaker wire uses a 4ga zero/"O" conductor.

Pulse RCA interconnects 3 foot pair only $800- (+/-) $150- per foot.


We only recommend the sticky type of stylus cleaners. They are reusable after washing with soap and water and clean without harsh chemicals like alcohol. My favorite is MOONGEL damper pads. They are used in pro audio for drumhead damping but work great as a stylus cleaner. Under $10- per 6 pack. Just lower cartridge onto pad and lift,  you can do it several times if need be just move the cartridge to a clean portion.
The other product we use and recommend is LAST stylast treatment, it has a big 5 on the side of the bottle. This is brushed onto your stylus after cleaning. Last has other products like cleaner but I will not recommend any cleaner with alcohol in it and most liquids have alcohol.
Be sure to clean your records also. I favor the sonic type which can be purchased for as little as $500- on ebay.

The Pulse Guard

The Pulse Guard R SMR

All of Paradox aluminum products are made in America, machined in America and finished in America.
This is something that we are very proud of. The quality of material and workmanship in every chassis and cartridge body we build is second to none.

The Paradox Pulse Guard body is the pinnacle of bodies for the Denon 103 series of moving coil cartridges. Yes this body will fit any of the 103's like the R, Gold, Pro, SL, C1, D, FL, GL (4N High Purity Gold Wire Coils 99.99%), LC, LCII, M, S, SA, U and the DL 104. As far as any of the other Denon and other cartridges I don't know!
I can (at your risk) take your cartridge apart (I did this with a Hana MC cartridge and put it in a Universal body and it still works) and fit it into one of my Pulse bodies, but it will cost a minimum of $100- for the work along the cost of a body, and if I break it I am NOT responsible for a replacement. This is at your risk type of work.
The cost of trying new things, sometimes it works (I have not broke a customers cartridge yet, but there is always a first) other times not so well.

Click on picture below to see the Pulse Guard R SMR up close.

The best modification you can buy for the 103 series

A brief tutorial of how the Pulse cartridge bodies are built. 
First the billet T-6 aluminum material (USA made) used is much larger than the end product, as every part is machined out of the billet so there is no side that is not milled. Milling also done in USA
After the milling process the material is then sent out for hard anodizing, yes in America. Once it is returned to the machine shop it is then chucked back up for the finishing work which is all milled through the hard anodizing, no laser etching here. The finished look says it all as bare aluminum makes the Pulse logo and bridge for visibility of the stylus. There is typically a 10% loss of bodies during all the processes. The threaded aluminum is 3-56 threads and I provide SS and Brass screws. Of course the factory plastic guard will still fit, how do you think I came up with the name for the GUARD body in the first place.
All of my Pulse bodies come with lead for internal damping of resonations for that natural sound but the Guard body takes it much further with 6 vertical holes that accommodate 20 pieces of lead shot and epoxy.
I have to pre install the perimeter lead and epoxy which is very time consuming I cannot do more than 3 per batch of epoxy and my epoxy takes 2 hours to set up although it starts to thicken after 30 minutes.
The Epoxy I use is an electronic type that is low viscosity, so it can run into all the nooks crannies and holes, if it is thick like honey it may not flow everywhere properly.
We have several other MC cartridges to include Miyajima Laboratory Shilabe, and Benz Micro LP S just to name two and yes they are a little better than the Pulse Guard R SMR cartridge, but not as much better as you would think. If I were to give a number rating for the performance of a cartridge the Shilabe and LP S would get a 10 out of 10 and the Guard R SMR and Benz Gullwing SLR would get a 8 out of 10 rating. In the world of GREAT MC cartridges the Paradox Pulse Guard steps right up to the front of the pack.
I do not have a large mark up for the work and machine time that is involved in building the Guard body. So even though there are cheaper alternatives (I even have the DIY body which is superior to the ZOO) the Guard will provide you with a vastly superior product for your Denon MC modification.
Yes, other manufactures bodies will improve the stock sound of a 103, but wood bodies resonate with an assortment flavors and you want a non-resonating neutral body for your 103 series cartridge. Other metal bodies are not much better as they resonate with a different flavor just gluing them in and leaving the body exposed. There is also a lot of plastic left on a 103 when you "press in", this distortion filled cancer must be eliminated. No other body will eliminate resonations or outperform the Pulse Guard body period. Enjoy

See Guard body, break in and potting service special $200-
Paradox introduces the new Pulse line of electronics and cartridges.

I am told regularly that the Pulse cartridge is to heavy for my tone arm.
All you need is a heavier counter weight for that tone arm.
All tone arms can handle this cartridge easily.
Go to the Denon How To and scroll down to "Is the Pulse cartridge to heavy"?
All Pulse products are hand made one at a time. Ask about direct electronic sales saving you thousands. Remember my money back guarantee less shipping.
Check out
Testimonials/Awards and Awards pages
 CAF was a great sucess see awards in awards section and click black line below to see GTaudioworks 2.5 speakers

  1. Paradox Pulse mono in clear anodizing with White interconnects
    Paradox Pulse mono in clear anodizing with White interconnects
    Hand assembled with the finest parts available. Internally hard wired as connectors do not sound good. Minimalist approach solid state in A/B power configuration. 100 watts. Separate line level output to drive subwoofers. Only $7k each.
  2. Paradox Pphono 70 MC FET gain phono amp
    Paradox Pphono 70 MC FET gain phono amp
    Paradox Phono 70 70dB of ultra low noise JFET gain with infinite adjustable loading.
  3. Custom Pulse turntables
    Custom Pulse turntables
    Idler drive turntable with dual platters. Birch plywood base is damped with 20 lbs. of lead shot and polymer liner. Polished SS mounting plates, bearings are nitrated ceramic stacked end to end in synthetic oil. Tone arm moded Abis SA-1.2. Pulse R Sapphire $8k-.
  4. Pulse 3 and R cartridge, BODY kit only $119- shipped
    Pulse 3 and R cartridge, BODY kit only $119- shipped
    Pulse cartridge use the Denon 103 and 103R motors. These motors are striped away of their plastic (except the rear piece with pins) and damped with lead, both internally and T-6 body, then encapsulated with a rigid electronic epoxy.
  5. Paradox Pulse USB DAC
    Paradox Pulse USB DAC
    The Pulse USB DAC explores digital as a unique medium that stands unequaled for digital musical enjoyment. $2k- money back guarantee (as with all Paradox electronics less shipping) that it is the best CD digital you have ever heard period.
  6. Abis SA1.2 tonearm rewired!
    Abis SA1.2 tonearm rewired!
    Abis SA1.2 rewired with Cardas Clear phono wire. Pulse R clear SMR cartridge. Mount to your turntable and find out what the ultra high end is all about. Cardas Clear phono wire, no better wire period for this job.
The NEW Paradox Pulse Universal cartridge mounting body.
It is CNC T-6 aluminum made for the Shure SC35C cartridge, but you can use it for any cartridge that will fit in it or ON IT! The Threads are 3-56 and 2 stainless steel screws are provided with each body, $40- shipped.
The finish is left raw just as it came from the machine shop, this keeps your cost down and you can finish it any way you want or leave it RAW.

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